Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 6

Someone talked to me today! They complimented my nails. And someone else asked how long I've been growing my hair out and suggested that I do not cut it. It's funny because I just posted on my page yesterday that I was considering chopping it off. And finally, I got the usual. "Are you mixed?" If I had a dollar...

Female mullets...why?
Actually, scratch that. Any mullets. Female, male, dog, squirrel, hamster mullets...see? They are never okay.

Sitting in the break room is kind of weird because there's all kinds of students. Mostly cosmo and med program students though. It's weird because all the med students all look the same but it's totally different from cosmo. The med students always seem to have frumpier scrubs, always have on a hoodie, their hair is thrown in a ponytail. That was me too. But in cosmo? The scrubs look neater somehow. 99% of the girls have their hair styled at all times. Makeup, earrings, manicures intact. Most people would probably think "Well it's because it's cosmo; those girls just like to look good." But that's not entirely true, because I was on the other side of the fence and I still liked makeup. I think it's because when you're in any medical program, you are too damn exhausted to give two shakes about how you look. The information you have to retain is insane in the membrane. Dr Seussery, I'll be here all night.

Which brings me to my OMG moment. I've been like "man, this is different from the med field because I'm not drowning in homework and throwing my book against the patio blinds, coolio". WRONG. Today we were notified that we have 20 book questions to write out and answer (due tomorrow), and a pre test to study for (tomorrow as well). We have been working on our two workbooks (we have one for theory and one for practical) and each has over 100 questions. Those are due Thursday. And then the test is Friday. And we will probably have another evaluation on our manikins Friday. And if you want to be any good, you'll end up practicing on the dummies at home.

So I sit back and look at this ass ton of tasks I have to do while I'm doing laundry, cleaning up 10,000 toys, cooking dinner, closing my eyes real right hoping for a dish washing fairy, and taking care of a 2 year old and a 3 month old...Everyone else around me is freaking out, stressing big time. And I know that it's only a matter of time before we move on to a subject I don't know as well as bacteria and then I'll be in the same spastic boat my classmates are in. I'm almost there now.

Actually where I'm at is in bed when I need to get started on those questions.

Another short rant about a classmate. I'm sure I complained about her last week. She's so careless and lazy. Today she was talking SO sideways to the instructor. I wish she would just throw her ass out of the classroom if she's not going to apply herself. Her mere presence makes me itch with fury.

Anywho, since we defeated the pin curl demon last week we are moving on to stand up curls this week. They are SO much faster and easier. They are just like pin curls but instead of laying flat on the head they stand up (obviously). I'll take a picture of Naomi tomorrow. I did Sam's today but it looked like a rat's doodoo maker because her ends are disgustin'.

I should go lurk on Facebook and ignore my homework now. Here's your awesome quote for your life:

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