Monday, September 24, 2012

Days 12, 13, 14, 15

Every day wasn't worthy of having its own post. Sorry, week. You were lame.

Remember my freak out over that rap we were supposed to do? The day came, and the muscular system went up. We sat there nervously awaiting our turn. I felt like I was going to barf out everything from September (gross). Then the muscular system group sat down. I grabbed my paper with the stupid rap on it, ready to get up when the teacher looked our way. Then she says "Well that's everybody, so I'm going to review everything." NO FREAKIN WAY! I sat there, tensed up, waiting for her to realize her mistake. Then me and Lulu looked at each other and upheld the ancient student code of telepathically telling each other and our other group member "Keep your mouth shut and do not make eye contact with the teacher." So we didn't do it. That junk wasn't even for a grade! I'm supposed to make an ass of myself for no reason? No.

There was one day that I stayed after for extra hours. The people that were in there with me were ridiculous. It was kind of like detention. I'm sitting at a desk minding my own business with my crappy ponytail and my nerdy glasses and my head in a book. The teacher walks out for a second and this dude is like "Hey who got some trees?! I know somebody wanna match!" WOW DUDE. Then this ass clown in front of him is like "She do!" and points at me! I don't know either of these mofos! So Trees Dude turns around and he says "You sell drugs?" Remember: Ponytail. Glasses. Book. I looked at him so stupid and said "No. Not on Tuesdays." Perhaps he was already high and could not translate sarcasm--he raises his eyebrows and seriously asks me "Oh, so just not today?" I snapped at him "NO! Not ANY DAY!" What the hell! Lulu told me that the day before, she was in there with him and he was sitting behind her making loud ass sniffing noises. Finally someone else saw/heard him and asked "Why are you sniffing your weed?!" And sure enough he's sitting there sniffing weed. Mind you the teacher was in the classroom for this. She was just on another planet having
an out of body experience I guess.

Other than that, we did more barrel curls. All week when I worked on mine, the teacher told me how great mine were and even once that they were perfect. I didn't take it in a smug way or a "yay me" way, it was a huge relief instead.
My confidence level:
makeup > hair
So for me to get compliments on my work is reassuring that I'm doing okay out of my comfort zone.

Class is short a few people now, people who left. Remember attitude girl who pushed my buttons before? She wasn't there at all, all week. Good.

This week is the last week of the first module. Next week starts a different class. Same teacher, same students with the exception of a few who are moving on to the next level and new students who are coming in to take their spots. I won't be a newbie anymore!