Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 10, Day 11

Day 10 was the Saturday before last. We had to make up labor day. It was a free day. Pretty cool.

Then we had all last week off for "fall break". I went crazy. I was so glad to go back today.

The teacher brought Panera! Just bagels. But still awesome!

We found out we have a group project for the chapter this week. It's anatomy. At first I was like "Yes!!" because well its anatomy. Then I was made aware that I have to rap. Now I'd like to shoot myself and take the F. Are you serious? I hate this small portion of my life.

Then we had a "pep rally". We went in a room and watched students do a 5 minute skit. Then people were shaking their ass and getting mad at those of us who were not. There was a contest--people had to put an Oreo on their head and get it to their mouth without using their hands. You can't imagine how entertaining that is. There was also more beach ball throwing. One girl said "Uh uh I ain't throwin no beach ball now y'all know I can't swim!" ...What? LMAO!

I'm sorry, is there tequila involved? Oh, no? Ok then. Ass will remain stationary.

Anyway, remember Lulu? That name is hilarious...well we talked all day today! She's super freaking cool. Guess I found my friend in class!

We also practiced barrel curls. Wish I had something more exciting to share with you, but I've got 49 weeks left of school. I'm sure it's coming.

And as always:

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