Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 1

My first day. I love it already.

First, here's a little bit about school:
Every state has different requirements for you to be a licensed cosmetologist. I live in Florida, so the stuff I talk about will pertain to my state of course. Remember, every school is different. But they're all kind of the same.

My program is 12 months long. We have 3 terms, each are 4 months each. We are in the classroom for the first term. Working on manikins, doing all the book stuff. It sounds boring, but you have to start somewhere! Also, the state board exam is 35% boring stuff, so learning it DOES serve a purpose. The second term we get to work on the floor, which means on actual customers in the spa/salon for 2 days a week. In the third term it's 3 days a week. What's really cool is that we are allowed to get tipped!

Anyway, today we didn't do much. You know how the first day is. Everyone is dazed and confused, there's a million rules to learn, you get your syllabus, you stand up and introduce yourself (gag me with a spoon). The best part of the day: we got our kit! Our supplies came in three huge boxes, and we spent well over an hour unpacking every single thing and checking it off a list to make sure we had everything that was supposed to be included. It was exciting to look at everything and think about how I'd be using that stuff on someone's head one day! There were a bunch of brushes, rollers, a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer (all VERY nice!), capes, hair dying stuff, 3 manikins (Sam, Naomi, and Jake!) and a ton of other things. We also get more supplies as we go along, including our nail kit! I can't wait for that! I'm much more interested in being a nail tech and esthetician than being a hairdresser. But I am excited to learn hair because it's the thing that I have virtually no knowledge of.

my kit!
We got our textbook and workbooks too. They are Milady, which I think all cosmetology schools use. They are like the cosmetology standards. Like the McDonalds of cosmo. The boss. We have book work due this week, and tomorrow we are starting on pin curls! I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my (hopefully not disastrous) work!


  1. Love the post. Good 1st day & can't wait for tomorrow, thanks.(kj-woup)